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Center for Medical Genetics GENESIS

The Center for Medical Genetics GENESIS is a non-public health care institution established in 1999. We specialize in diagnostics of genetic diseases, congenital defects, reproductive failure and genetic counseling. We are a team of experienced clinical geneticists, cytogeneticists and molecular biologists.

We have been helping patients and operating on the market of medical services for over 10 years when we have reckoned that time for changes has come. The first step was the new name. In the beginning we added the word GENESIS to the previous name "Center for Medical Genetics". The new image of our company reflects a jump in technology (the technology of microarrays implemented owing to the EU support), quality (awards and certificates) and science (scientific papers), and an increased range of diagnostic tests. However, we still place the greatest value on patients, their health, and providing them with medical services of the highest quality.

We have been gaining our professional experience in noted academic centers and scientific institutions in Poland as well as in excellent research and clinical centers abroad. Many of us have higher university degrees and titles, and our constant scientific development in such a fast-developing field of science as genetics ensures clinical work of high level. We cooperate with numerous Polish and foreign scientific centers as well as with associations of patients and their families.

Since we have been performing genetic counseling for many years now, we know the problems of our patients profoundly. The Center for Medical Genetics Genesis offers professional genetic counseling and a wide range of genetic tests carried out in our modernly-equipped laboratories. You will find here also comfortable accommodation and kind service.

You are warmly invited to the Center For Medical Genetics GENESIS.

Prof. Anna Latos-Bieleńska MD, PhD
with the Team of the CMG GENESIS