Cyp1B1 –breast/ovarian cancer susceptibility to (C142G, G355T, G4326C)
Analysis ID 56
Analysis location “GENESIS” Centre for Medical Genetics
Diagnosed illness Cyp1B1 –breast/ovarian cancer susceptibility to (C142G, G355T, G4326C)
OMIM #114480
Clinical information Homozygotic carrier of change 355T/T in the Cyp1B1 gene has 2 times increased risk for breast cancer.
Type of analysis molecular
Type of biological material 5-10 ml peripheral blood collected in the EDTA tube
Analyzed genes CYP1B1
Analysis description Determination of the presence of homozygotic variants in the Cyp1B1 gene (142 G/G, 355T/T, 4326C/C).
Analysis indication Familial susceptibility to breast/ovarian cancer
Analysis time 3-4 weeks
Refund No
CGM laboratory name Laboratory for Molecular Genetics and Oncology