Informacje o płatnościach

Note that:

All analyses are performed in the laboratory of the Center for Medical Genetics GENESIS

Exceptions: analyses 166, 167, 168, 169, 170, 172, 173, 174, 175, 278 are conducted by ASPER company, analyses 270, 285, 286, 288 are conducted by SwissDiagnosis company.

  • Each subsequent microarray analysis by ASPER has a discount of 120 GBP;
  • Price for the test does not cover the cost of DNA extraction (except for cancer and pathogen testing):
    • the first analysis is charged an extra 18 GBP (cost of DNA extraction) in case of peripheral blood as specimen;
    • if the specimen is not peripheral blood (e. g. FFPE tissues, placental/chorionic fragments, bone fragments etc.) the first analysis is charged an extra 38 GBP (cost of non-routine DNA extraction);
  • Consultation costs:
    • First consultation of our board-certified clinical geneticist: 60 GBP     (professor's consultation 80 GBP)
    • Next visit: 40 GBP     (professor's consultation 60 GBP)
    • Pedigree analysis prior to cancer predisposition testing: 16 GBP